STM Xmas 2014 inside

We are a plucky, dedicated group seeking to live in, with, and through Christ in all that we are and do while caring for those in our small town of Ashland, the geographical center of New Hampshire and the gateway to both the Lakes region to our east and the White Mountains to our north.

We are currently actively discerning our future, in particular what it means to be an Episcopal Christian in both a multi-faith and secular world as well as a mission church in the 21st century situated in a town with significant social needs and by extension outreach opportunities.

We have been a congregation for 160 years (actually predating the founding of our town), and worship in a historically protected and quite beautiful church building, though we close up the building for the winter to save oil and energy costs. Beginning on Sunday, January 31, we will be worshiping with our friends at the Church of the Holy Spirit in nearby Plymouth until the summer. Please join us in Plymouth!

Under the guidance of our bishop Rob Hirschfeld and the direction of the Rev. Randy Dales, priest-in-charge of the church in Plymouth, we plan on holding weekly healing-Eucharists in our parish house, Sherrill Hall, beginning in February.

We are moving ahead determined and eager to engage in another 160 years (and beyond) as a regional spiritual center where a true and open welcoming is the rule not the exception. Our mission focus is food, with a focus on doing what we can to help provide food for area schoolchildren in need. We are a healthy mix of progressive, creative, and more traditional theologians and thinkers, seasonal attendees and regular attendees, young and young at heart.

 Welcome to St. Mark’s!

Please join us!